Saturday, May 3, 2008

Un Autre Monde

What if there is no lineality to time
No beginning, no end
Nothing solid amid the revolutions

That mark billions of years.

What if there is a parallel universe
Where simultaneous selves
Live out earthly inclinations

Isn’t it comforting, this thought
That perhaps somewhere, at sometime
I am getting to know

The infinity of you.


Pauline said...

And if all parallel universes exist at the same time (like individual slices in a single loaf of bread), then you ARE doing all things possible at the same time; you merely need to learn how to navigate the loaf...

(Don't ask me HOW but it must have something to do with our much-touted ability to imagine)

Eileen said...

I've got a ;ittle book by Einstein talking about time and he explores the concepts you are exploring. When i read his(and yours) I thought about how the concept of linear time is one humans have made up. It doesnt necessarily work the way we have conceived of it. If you try to break out of the way we think about time you do get to some of the places you were suggesting . But it is hard to do. You inspire me to et my act together and write a new blog entry too. I haven't tried since March. I like yours.

focusfinder said...

And in this world which I believe I inhabit, one of your parallel personalities graduated recently. Many congratulations, C.