Friday, June 6, 2008

Soapbox Pt. 1

This is what I want.

I want people to do their jobs. If the purpose of your day is to heal the sick or inspire the indifferent, then do it. Don't languish and anguish, and most of all, don't ignore those who are entrusted in your care.

I want people to stay true to their word. If you can't keep a promise, don't make one. Instead, be true to yourself, and for Pete's sake, say what you mean.

I want people to get outraged and then do something about it. We're all so good at lamenting and removing responsibility from our own shoulders. But, let's face it, our current sociopolitical situation is because of our acquiescence. If not now, when? If not you, who?

I want people to be optimistically realistic. There's nothing wrong with telling it like it is, but when you're telling it to another human being, filter it through your heart first. We're all in this absurd leaky boat together.

I want people to want to get smarter. Turn off Fox news and read a book. Any book. Learn some new words, or a new way of looking at the world, or what's really happening at Gitmo.

I want to keep going...


Pauline said...

Nodding, me too, me too, at every paragraph. I had to chuckle at the observation that people's major problems are caused by - people. As for filtering through our hearts first, it's what you do. What a wonderful way to put it!

shara said...

a good morning read to start my day (for the third time. once at 4:30 with my husband, again at 6:30 with the girls, and now, having waved the summer school bus off for a few hours, time to start the day for myself) and thank you very much for it. no languishing and anguishing for me today, thank you, and all day I'll say what I mean, filtered through my heart. it's a beautiful morning, my blackberries are beginning to ripen, and the butterfly bushes are sweetening the air, it's sunny but cool and the birds are singing. time to paint! I hope you have a lovely, lovely day.

Canbush said...

I found an excellent word today - Deipnophobia - fear of dinner parties. And there was I thinking I had no phobias I could name.